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Mental health concerns, substance use issues continue to be on the rise. 2020 has not been easy for anyone and COVID-19 has many impacts on well-being of individuals. Results show three time increase in mental health and addictions, due to stressful times. 

However, that being sad very few people seek help form specialized services or are unaware of the resources available. Many of those who do receive multiple services from different programs that often do not communicate with one another. Collaboration among addiction and mental health treatment program, as well as primary care, can improve the delivery of services and support to those in need.  

To build support for collaboration for addiction and mental health care, SMART Clinic has brought together a holistic treatment program. For the first time in Calgary a collaboration between primary care, mental health and substance use disorder has occurred under one roof. Creating more efficient and effective outpatient care centre.  

To achieve better outcomes for those suffering with addiction and mental health concerns, services from primary to specialized care work together to improve the health and functioning of the individual. A comprehensive view can put patient on a personal journey to recovery where they can make healthy changes in their lives, respond to their own needs and establish their own goals. Treatment is most effective when approached holistically with multiple collaborating experts.  

At SMART Clinic Collaborative partnership between primary care, substance use disorder including the integration of mental health services within primary care settings. Collaborative models have improved access to mental health care and increased the capacity of primary care to manage mental health and addiction problems. Successful projects in Canada and other countries have demonstrated better clinical outcomes, a more efficient use of resources, and an enhanced experience of seeking and receiving care.  

To put the collaboration in effect SMART Clinic will be providing experience health professionals with expertise in addictions and related concerns. Making sure individuals with issues affecting their overall health have access to essential services in a timely manner. Professionals would be working closely together and build trust with individual which can lead to a prudent and more efficient use of resources, while supporting the person and their families. 

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Our Values

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    Our integrity is a basic part of who we are and what we stand for. We put our best efforts and make sure that the utmost standard of professionalism is being delivered to our patients

  • Drug Addiction Counselling Calgary

    We understand and respect each individual’s uniqueness and differences. We realize and try our level best to give them the respect, dignity, fairness, and equality that they need

  • Calgary Drug & Alcohol Treatment

    Whatever the service it may be, Innovation and excellence are all required. We at Smart Clinic put our best efforts to attain innovative results and we make sure that our excellence meets your expectations accordingly

  • SMART Clinic (Supervised Medical Addiction Recovery & Therapy Centre)

    We believe that doctor patient relationship is the central part of delivering health care. The strength of this relationship will enhance the accuracy of the diagnosis and improve patient health outcomes.

  • Alcohol Abuse Treatment Calgary

    We believe in continuing professional development and keeping our knowledge and skills up to date.

  • Pain Management Therapy Calgary

    Our purpose is to provide guidance and support for people who need it the most in order to better their health and wellbeing.

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