Drug Addiction disturbs the entire family as much as it disturbs the individual. The family members of the individual usually feel helpless and unsupported. Smart Clinic understand your concern and provide support even before starting the therapy. Our counsellors assist family members during the whole process. We at Smart Clinic strive hard to provide all the facilities to the individual and the family members. Our team of experts is always available to communicate with the individual and also helps them to enroll in the treatment. While the patient is admitted to the centre, we make sure that the family members of an individual can overwatch them every time. Smart Clinic counsellors are well experienced and assure to make the drug individual feel comfortable during the entire session.

    • Addiction Counselling for Family Members

    Addictions go extreme beyond the person’s natural behaviour and it also affects the family members. In fact, it is a family disease which impacts everyone and delivers overwhelming result. Family members turn out to be more isolated and respond in unhealthy ways, scared of losing their loved ones. When the treatment of drug-dependent begins, rage and anger of family members can linger. Eventually, it is one of the toughest parts to see all this but one should reach out for help first. And for sure help is available at Smart Clinic.

    At Smart Clinic, we provide various family programs which are specially intended to balance the way to retrieval, including:

    • Counselling
    • Outpatient program
    • Addiction handling techniques
    • Enduring support


    The family members of an individual are also encouraged to understand addictive behaviour and its effect on relations, by attending:

    • Presentations
    • Workshops
    • Counselling sessions


    These educational sessions cover drug addiction and enable the entire family to control the emotions, behaviour, and to cope up with the individual in diverse situations.