Category: Mental health

Animal tranquillizer xylazine is now in Canada’s street drug supply

A powerful animal tranquillizer that has been infiltrating street drugs in the United States has been increasingly showing up in Canada’s illicit opioid supply — a phenomenon that has experts “deeply concerned.” Xylazine, a sedative and analgesic normally used in veterinary medicine to sedate large animals such as cattle or horses, has been wreaking havoc in parts […]
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Breast Feeding and Mental Health

Welcome to 2022, only 3 years into the COVID-19 pandemic. The social structure, as we had come to know it, is now different. Without significant restrictions, people are socializing more but NOT without prejudice. The world has been more divided in the recent past and the pandemic has taken its toll. The recent Russia-Ukraine conflict […]
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A Story on Alcohol Abuse

This is a story of one of our patients. We feel that it is important that we share this story in the hopes that it might help somebody in the same path. This story happens more often than we realize and that it affects not just the person but everybody around him. Please share this […]
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