Dr. Khosa is great!! I am very happy with my experience here and am happy to have found such a great doctor to be my family doctor. He genuinely cares, is kind and spends the time necessary with you to cover your issues appropriately. I have been treated with much respect and have never felt judged which means a lot to me because I have often been harshly judged by other medical staff in the past. Thank you Dr. Khosa!!! 😊

Shannon Blaschuk

This place has changed my life, from the start when I arrived the staff were friendly inviting and professional, throughout my treatment I was supported every step of the way by the therapists and others in treatment, great facilities & Very clean. Would strongly recommend. Doesn’t have a Clinic vibe as it very homely so felt comfortable.

Sagar Singh
My treatment has been amazing, I think it has saved my life to be honest. I came in desperate as nothing had ever worked my way. What I’ve learned here has been so significant. Its changed my life, I’ll never forget it. All the staff have been amazing as have the peers. The staff never make us feel like a burden..
Harpreet Kaur

Helpful, empathetic and knowledgeable; if you or a loved one is struggling with any type of addiction, give SMART CLINIC a call.

Prabhdeep Kaur

Great team and wonderful approach. Extremely professional and caring people. Had a wonderful experience

Tejas Chitre

Great service one of the best in town. I will definitely recommend smart clinic.

Aniket Desai

Great looking facility along with even better staff that are professional and caring. Thanks for the community services.

Gautam Verma

I’ve had troubles being an alcoholic and a mother during the pedantic has got me being more miserable, but since seeing them has helped me. I had a friend who told me about them because she wanted me to feel better. So I went…stuff are nice and docs are very understandable. The man who counseled me was very caring…things he told me I didn’t understand but coming home I realized what he said. They are here to help me but not only me even others. They do care…❤

Carlene Morin

thank you🙏 the service was amazing and incredible ,keep it up

Harpreet Sanghera

Incredible clinic. I’m a new patient there, and have been nothing but impressed so far. Caring team, innovative approach, and truly expert. In particular, if you are struggling with mental health issues, my experience there was unlike any other I have ever had with a family doctor. They KNOW mental health. and its complexity when it comes to adequate care. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Anne Kokko

The clinic was great and the staff is very helpful. Really good environment and I will definitely be coming back for all my medical needs.

Jas Ballagan

Great experience at this clinic very professional and take appointments on time as well 10/10 recommend them

Joban Singh

The staff over at Smart Clinic are always welcoming and quick with their work, they are efficient and organized as well as detect issues with patients quick and know the fix. The Pharmacists and physicians are sophisticated and thorough with their work and it shows. I highly recommend this clinic, they are fantastic!!!

Harnoor Thind