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If Only

Imagine it is January 2022. The vaccine roll-out has taken longer than expected and coronavirus is still impacting day-to-day life. You’re in another six-week lockdown after multiple lockdowns in 2021. A family member passed away and you could not attend the funeral or say goodbye in person.   In January 2021, only school children were out and about. That stopped by March again. All businesses are promoting online work. You “meet” your […]
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Camie Leard Talks About Smart Clinic

Camie Leard, the executive director of the Crescent Heights Village BIA, in Calgary, presents the advantages of having Smart Clinic’s services for her community. If you’d like to learn more of what Smart Clinic do, please visit SMARTC.CA or call us at (403) 769-0111. We’re here to listen.
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Smart Clinic is here to Listen

Mental health concerns, substance use issues continue to be on the rise. 2020 has not been easy for anyone and COVID-19 has many impacts on the well-being of individuals. Results show a three-time increase in mental health and addictions, due to stressful times. However, that being said, very few people seek help from specialized services […]
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A Story on Alcohol Abuse

This is a story of one of our patients. We feel that it is important that we share this story in the hopes that it might help somebody in the same path. This story happens more often than we realize and that it affects not just the person but everybody around him. Please share this […]
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